• 5 Mommy-Time-Out Ideas

    Motherhood is rewarding. ?Motherhood is exhausting. On rare occasions when we meet up, my mommy friends and I literally find ourselves ?sneaking? away from our families. Of course, no one is ever too far away from the cellphone just in case there?s an emergency. ?But, it is important and healthy to disconnect from our children for brief periods of time. Take a moment, or a few, to ourselves enables us to refresh and recharge.

    Here?s 5 Ways to Take Mommy Time Out: (more…)


  • A Business Mommy’s Struggle

    Success as a mom in business is a cyclical relationship. In order to keep one?s sanity she must understand that the two relationships must be in total balance so that the notorious mother?s guilt doesn?t take over. Allow your children to be your inspiration, as you are theirs. Know that writing your own ticket empowers you and will empower your family to live the lifestyle of your choice. Nothing comes without sacrifice, commitment and balance. I am living proof that it can be done.

    As many of you have, I toyed with the idea of being an entrepreneur for a long time. However, something about life becomes more real when a mother looks into her child?s doting eyes and realizes that she is responsible for the molding of her precious love. (more…)


  • There is NO Such Thing as a Perfect Parent

    #HappyBirthdayToMyEldestDaughter -?Today is my eldest daughter?s 12th birthday! This morning while playing on pinterest at 4 am, (Don?t judge me, it?s the only time my house and life are completely still) it hit me that I have been a mommy for twelve whole years. It really does feel like it was yesterday when I was anxiously anticipating her arrival. My world has completely revolved in the last decade+2.

    One of the major changes in the past twelve years has been my so-called routine. I used to have one. I promise you, I DID. I remember rising at 6am in order to be at work at 8am and carelessly choosing to work out before or after work?(which was totally dependent upon what?s showing on tv or when and where happy hour was happening that night).

    Twelve years and two daughters later:

    The only routine I have before work is the routine I plan in my head. I always check off the major boxes. You know, bathing, brushing teeth and getting dressed. Everything else is up for negotiation depending on how far in advance they remember to tell me they have a game after school or if they volunteered me to pick up donuts for the entire grade. Although I don?t compromise on the getting dressed aspect of my morning to do?s, how long I have to complete tasks is a different story.

    Last week, I literally ran out of the house barefoot with 2 different pairs of boots, a coat, work bag and pocketbook filled with everything needed to curl my hair and put on my face at the office (since I ran out of time at home). It was a choice between getting my girls to school on time or putting on shoes. They win every time.

    This is what my routine looks like in my head when I wake up every morning at 4 a.m. (more…)