Mental Health

  • 5 Steps to Helping Your Unhappy Child

    As parents, ?we innately want to make our children happy. ?We constantly walk a fine line between enabling and empowering, discipling and disregarding, etc. However, any parent will tell you that all of this easier said than done. ?Thoughtful and intentional parenting is work, really hard work. ?It takes another level of connectedness that can barely be explained. ?Have you ever ?felt? the pain of your child? When they hurt, you hurt. You?re elated when they are successful and beyond words when you feel like you?re unable to help them. That?s the level of connectedness that I refer to when I speak of thoughtful parenting.


    Temporary ?Sadness vs. Unhappiness

    I?m not talking about my team just lost the game unhappy. ?I?m referring to the type of unhappiness a child experiences when they feel as if they don?t ever fit in with peers or when they feel like they can never earn good grades regardless of how hard they?ve tried. ?Watching our child feel lost, empty and downright unhappy, can feel like a punch in the gut. (more…)