• Homework Horror Story

    Homework is the assignment of a purposeful task that reinforces concepts that are covered during the school day.  Accordingly, homework should not introduce new information to the learner.  On the contrary, homework should be utilized as a tool to communicate the student’s current level of mastery to the learner, caregiver and teacher.

    Email 3Let’s be real.  We want our children to be assigned and learn how to successfully complete homework.  HOWEVER,  I’m sure I am not alone in feeling bogged down by my children’s homework.  It never fails.  The one night I intend to prepare a quick dinner and turn in early, I’m hit with the “Oh, Mom I forget to tell you about the project that’s due tomorrow.” (Insert completely overwhelmed and bewildered look here.)  I recall being more excited than my children for the end of the school year one year.  It seemed like our lives literally revolved around homework horrors filled with tears, frustration and sometimes even tantrums. (more…)