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Thanks for visiting my site. I’m so excited that you’ve stopped by! I’m a trained psychotherapist and experienced entrepreneur.  I love helping to mold people and businesses.  I have a knack for thinking on my feet and solving problems.  I’ve transformed individuals, schools, nonprofits and businesses.  In other words, I put out all sorts of fires.  

This unique skillset makes me a kick a$$ Life and Business Strategist.  I’m looking forward to connecting with you, guiding you to a mindset ready for success and teaching you how to craft a life you love.

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Ready to grow your business, nonprofit or school? Register for Workshops, Masterclasses, Group and Individual Strategy Sessions.

Life Strategizing

Crisis Management

Need to get it together? Pragmatically, we’ll turn things around.  Get your life on track with  Strategy/Advisement Sessions. 

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what people are saying about Natasha's leadership

  • My first experience with Natasha was through her work as Program Director with Communities in Schools. There she demonstrated a passion and commitment to the academic achievement of at-risk students, and the ability to effectively manage and implement initiatives in support of their academic achievement. She was comfortable with students, they were comfortable with her, and interactions were mutually respectful. Her relationships with school administrators and faculty were collegial and constructive. Her work changed lives.


    Mario Jarvis | Former Employee
  • Natasha is an inspiration to both her industry as a thought leader and to her employees internally. I’ve had the privilege of reporting directly to Natasha for over three years, and in that time she’s helped me grow as a professional, and as a marketer. Her drive, work-ethic and genuine positive impact on her clients are what makes her business such a success – and it makes her employees happy to be there.

    She never leaves the office without making sure her team has smiles on their faces, direction for their projects and a clear understanding of their goals. Natasha has proven over and over again that she is a top-notch manager. She invests in her company and her team – everyone gets to learn, and understand the impact they’re having on the organization as a whole. She is a powerful voice both for the education and child care industries, as well as for women in business. I would recommend both her business services and employment opportunities wholeheartedly to parents, educators and students alike.

    Megan Morreale | Taboola
  • Natasha was kind enough to trust me with an internship position at her company. She sparked my passion for human resources by allowing me to dive into the different aspects of HR. I was able to recruit, interview, hire, and screen prospective employees for the company while also being able to learn about the payroll system. Natasha has a great knack for individualizing her intern’s experiences to match their personalities and to bring out their strengths. She was open to giving me feedback in a way that did not discourage me but instead, made me want to improve. Being in the office with Natasha helped me see what a successful woman can achieve and truly inspired me to strive to become that as well. I still refer back to the advice and values I gained during my internship with her company today and will forever be grateful for my experience.

    Alexandria Stein | Unilever
  • Energetic, focus, passionate about business and excited about education and life are just a few words that describe Natasha Wright Eldridge. She continues to reinvent herself and her business daily. She has an uncanny ability to identify a need, understand the “what’s” not working well and “why” it’s not working as well before taking ACTION on the “how” it well work better.

    She’s an AWESOME person and a true leader!

    Javis Brunson | Goldman Sachs

Let's shake things up

On the brink or in the midst of a crisis?
You need fresh eyes and clear vision.

As a level headed and strategic leader, Natasha has changed lives, transformed organizations and positioned people for growth amid crisis.  Now, she’s leveraging her experiences and sharing her methods to teach others to face their own truth, maneuver challenges and aviod making future mistakes in life and business.


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